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What's so special about us?


Not Complex is a handpicked design studio based in Liverpool. Our goal is to do as the name suggests, make things beautifully simple.

Our workforce is comprised of passionate individuals from a variety of different technological backgrounds, brought together by a love of the art and a desire to create a more beautiful web. We decided to join forces and create a studio that offers a enjoyable experience from start to finish.

We speak plain english, so our clients always understand the thinking behind their service. We leave the technobabble at the door, taking the time to make sure the client understands exactly what we are creating. Through this common understanding, both we and the client can get the most out of every project.

We love nothing more than working together with our clients and we thrive on their passion in order to showcase the business in the right light.

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"We worked with Not Complex when we asked them to redevelop our old site. We wanted a more up to date website that reflected Liverpool Science Park better, looked great and was also flexible and easy enough for us to add news items and update. The whole process was made as simple and the whole process was overseen with care and attention."

Sarah Gudgeon - Operations Manager, Liverpool Science Park


"We worked with Not Complex for a web redesign project for one of our major clients. Even though we are based all the way in Abu Dhabi, the distance never became a problem. We remained in constant contact throughout and are delighted with the outcome."

Katie Heaton - Account Manager, Premier Sports Group


"Working with the guys at Not Complex was easy, they made us feel comfortable all the way through our building our website. We still remain in contact now and they are always more than happy to help. We even changed our brand half way through the project and this didn't raise any issues!"

Ellen Kelly - Director, Avant PR