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At Not Complex we have years of experience using Wordpress - we love it. There's a reason Wordpress is currently the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web. Wordpress enables all content on their site with limited or no technical knowledge, making the site easily maintainable and offering your customers updates as and when you wish. Partner that with a HUGE web community and regular updates, and you have yourself an incredibly powerful tool.

So you have a tight deadline but still want an amazing website? Wordpress is the option for you, it's out of the box functionality allows you to quickly get set up and going, and is why we believe it to be the best solution for all small to medium SMEs out there.

The response we frequently get from our Wordpress clients is they can't believe how easy it is to use. Anyone who has any experience in Microsoft Word will be quickly fluent with Wordpress, it really is that simple. Once we provide you with the training required to use the CMS, most clients never need us again. Feel free to stay in touch though, no really - a christmas card or anything will do!

Wordpress is extensible; as your company expands so can Wordpress. It has the ability to improve your presence as a small SME or to help your profile if you are the world's fastest man (Usain Bolt's website is built in it, if you don't get what we mean).

Here are some other websites using it: