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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

Ok, so you have an amazing website (created by Not Complex hopefully :) ) - now what? Now you need some traffic. Optimisation of your site (depending on the device and user viewing it) and appropriate use of keywords, among other techniques, will improve your chances of listing higher on search engines such as Google. As search engines are used as a sort of universal navigation of the Internet, this is an incredibly useful method of marketing. Just think how many times you have said 'Google it' in the past month. See.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem a little daunting at first - don't worry, we'll explain it to you in simple english. A lot of it after all is common sense and down to the way your website is built. In order to maximise what you want to achieve from an SEO campaign we to need establish which terms you want your site associated with, all of which is done in the Keyword Research stage.

The next step is to perform some detailed analysis internally in order find your sites strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion of this we will be able to outline a bespoke campaign for your site to improve your rankings, ultimately leading to a prospective increase in traffic.

Once your campaign is up and running we will set you up with all the tools on how to track your progress along with guides on how to use them. We will also send you monthly reports to show you just how your site is improving.

Word to the wise:

You know what we are going to say don't you? Don't go along with a spam email claiming to improve your SEO ranking for a minuscule fee. More often than not they use bad practise and are more likely to do you harm than good.