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"You won't have to go down your high street soon, you'll do all your shopping from your desk". Remember when people starting saying that in the 90s? We thought they were mad. I mean we couldn't even use the internet and the phone at the same time back then. Looks like they were right though. Since Pizzahut started the first ever kind of e-commerce site back in 1994, it has become an everyday part off life now. Can you imagine a life without Amazon?

No matter what you sell or on what scale you sell it, people are realising the need for an e-commerce store. I mean where are the negatives? It never shuts, it allows the insomniacs to buy from you at 4am, it cuts out the salesman and it encourages impulse purchasing. Oh yeah, and e-commerce stores don't get sick or hangovers.

So down to business - you want an e-commerce solution? Great, we can design and develop that for you. A huge part of this process is trying to make it as useable as possible. You wouldn't have a messy shop would you? We need to make the process and clean and simple for all your potential clients so they are able to buy your products with as little stress as possible.

Here at Not Complex we will sit down with you and get to know your produce as well as your brand in order to create the best shopping experience. We can build on top of pre-built platforms such as Magento, but alternatively we are not adverse to building a bespoke e-commerce solution when it's required. We always make sure everyones details are super safe and secure to keep them out the hands of them evil cyber criminals.

Thinking about selling your product online? Drop us an email or call and lets go for a coffee to talk it through.