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Collabco specialise in providing technology solutions for education establishments. When they first approached us it was to do with redesigning their client facing website and developing it into a CMS, Wordpress in this instance.

Upon working with the guys there we really hit it off and meetings about projects would sometimes last a lot longer than they should as the ideas we come up with together excited both parties.

The first issue we addressed with the guys was their current brand. We felt it was not showcasing their company in the correct mannor. Shown here on the rightCollabco Logo we felt this was outdated and needed revisiting. Having met with them a few times we come up with the brand shown above which the guys instantly loved and it showcased their company ethos a lot better.

Now we moved onto the redesign of their website. They had a very basic black and white site when they first approached us. It didn't showcase any of their connections with Microsoft nor did it incorporate their personality. We tried to fit all these things into the redesign. We also incorporated a blog and latest news section for the less technical members of their team to update via the Wordpress platform. You can see the final outcome in the shots above.

Services we delivered

  • Branding
  • User Interface Design
  • Wordpress Development