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Avant PR

We were approached earlier in the year by the girls at Avant PR. What really struck us from the first meeting was their passion for their company. From the first meeting they brought with them a scrapbook of items they liked about certain sites and had a clear vision of what they wanted and what their company stood for. It's safe to say we fell in love with them from this meeting!

Due to the clear outlined vision from the offset this was one of the simplest projects we have undertook here. We went away designs a couple of visuals and the team told us what they liked and what they didn't. It became very clear they wanted a clean, elegant and simplistic site and before we knew it we were on to the development stage.

The girls at Avant PR have an amazing job, constantly in meetings with cool like minded people and we knew they had to reflect this on their site. We needed the site to be as social as possible, enabling them to showcase some of their cool showbiz events and clients. We added a blog and tried to incorporate all forms of social media so it was constantly updated with their goings on.

We love all our clients, but we really did enjoy this project. Not one hiccup along the way, it really does make a difference when the clients are as passionate about their website as we are.

Services provided:

  • User Interface Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Hosting