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AGX Sign & Graphics

A sign company doesn't exactly fill us full of excitement so upon meeting the guys we didn't really know what to expect. How wrong we were. We went to their factory where AGX operate and seen they do not make your average signs they do everything you could think to get your brand noticed.

While there during meeting we seen vehicles getting wrapped, exterior to full shops getting created and even iPhones getting wrapped. It seems if you wanted your brand to get noticed AGX had a way of implementing it in some form of graphic. After looking at their website we seen this didn't show any of the cool stuff they done, we knew this was going to be a super cool project from here on in.

We worked with their team of designers to try and represent their brand in the best possible light and suddenly found a back catalogue of images we could use on their site of past projects they have done.

We designed a site that let the imagery speak for itself, some of the projects these guys had done spoke for themselves and no amount of words could justify it as well as their photography could. Once the UI was designed and set up we went round to the guys and showed them how they could constantly update their site with imagery and add each new project they got. Finally giving them the portal they needed to showcase their cool work.

Services provided:

  • User Interface Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Hosting